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Poets and writers have known it since antiquity. Drinking is romantic. Drinking is freeing. Drinking enhances our time with friends and acquaintances.


According to the Social Issues Research Centre, “Alcoholic beverages have been used by virtually all cultures through most of their recorded history. When practices such as these appear to have a near-universal quality, despite the fact that in some cases they may have some apparently negative consequences, we are obliged to consider their potential for positive, culturally adaptive mechanisms.”


Drinking recklessly can also lead to tragedy. It impairs judgement, slows reflexes and makes us sleepy. Responsible drinkers not only protect themselves, they protect everyone they care about.


Whether it’s Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day, a birthday or just another day, remember to always plan to drink responsibly. Plan your transportation before the drinking begins. Have a backup plan. Know your limit and know the trouble signs when someone you’re with is heading towards too much alcohol.


There’s lots of helpful information online. You can also check out How to Drink Responsibly, MADD, Drinkaware for more information that will help you to make responsible choices.


Thanks for taking the time to read this heartfelt message from the distillers at AstraLuna Brands. Be upstanding. Pass it on to those you love and influence.

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